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What is Smart BIM Standard?

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Since Obayashi established the BIM Promotion Office in 2010, we have been particular about the integrated use of BIM in design and construction. In order to make the consistent use successful, we have held a model confirmation meeting when handing over from design to production and created a manual to communicate the status of the model. However, due to reasons such as “the purpose of using BIM is different between design and production” and “the method of making is different depending on who makes the model”, it was not possible to use it smoothly and consistently. If the description of data in actual modeling differs depending on the property, person, or phase, it will always be necessary to intervene in human interpretation when using the data. This creates a situation where data is available, but it takes time and effort to use it. It can be said that modeling rules are necessary to prevent such a situation and to align the types of data brought by BIM. Since the Smart BIM Standard is a rule for consistent use of BIM, for example, input of information required on the production side is required in modeling at the design stage, and information required at the production stage is included in the design family。Though there might be some people who are opposed to this. However, the ideal of BIM is overall optimization. Productivity improvements throughout the construction process, from design to production. First, we would like you to understand this.
Smart BIM Standard
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