OBAYASHI - Smart BIM Standard

Shared Parameters

Parameter Group

Grouped to make it easy to find the desired parameters.
    • E.g.
  • ob_総合 (ob_general)
  • ob_シート関連 (ob_sheet related)
  • ob_プロジェクト情報 (ob_project information)
  • ob_マテリアル (ob_material)
  • ob_建具 (ob_ door/window)

Parameter Name

Add prefixes to parameter names for ease of viewing and searching.
    • E.g.
  • プロジェクト情報関連(project information related):「PJ_」
  • シート関連(sheet related):「シート_」
  • 建具関連:「文字_」「仕様_」「性能_」等 (door/window related):(character_ , specification_ , performance etc.)
In addition, “_ (underscore)” is added to the end of “Shared Parameter Name” to indicate that it is a “shared parameter. However, “_ (underscore)” is not included in the “00_General” and “Room” groups because they are old parameters.


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