OBAYASHI - Smart BIM Standard

Drawing Related


Sheet Naming Convention

Sheet names must be unique, so prefix them with the department name to prevent duplication by department (for example, “A1201_Layout Plan”). Even in the case of temporary sheets such as for meetings, pay attention to duplicate sheet names.

Title Block Family Type Name

The ob border family has a string such as “/22/42/25/20” appended to the end of the type name. This represents the margin (mm) to the layout able part of the title block. Intended for future use in automatic layout programs.

Annotation Element

Annotation Element Naming Convention

For the elements listed in “Annotation symbols” of the project browser, it is easier to see the browser if you set rules for each prefix character. The tag is ‘T’, the drawing frame is ‘Block’, the general annotation is ‘Annote’, the spot height is ‘Elev’, and various symbolic elements are ‘Symbol’. Tags can be easily identified by following the category abbreviation.

Supplementary Tag Naming Convention

After the prefix ‘T’ follow the category abbreviation. Just like when naming filters, adding a specialization to the prefix makes the tag itself easier to see in the browser. Since some tag families can be used across departments, it is more efficient to keep them without specifying the user (for example, display of type names and type marks). If you want to specify the user, add “_a” and “_s” at the end to reduce duplicate creation of the same tag. When sharing, use “_as” to avoid confusion. It is assumed that the tag family will be customized for each project, so you don’t have to worry about distinguishing it from the ob family. If you want to keep it distinct, there are things like lowercase the T in the prefix to keep browser visibility.

Other Annotation Element Names

Please decide it in the project and operate it. It will be easier to operate if you use a type name and subcategory name that make it easy to imagine the contents. Please refer to the name of the template.