OBAYASHI - Smart BIM Standard

Modeling Guide

BIM Modeling Guide is a standard guideline for creating models and does not guarantee the completeness and accuracy of BIM models. If there are separate agreements for each project due to the purpose, scale, special characteristics of the project, purpose of BIM use, scope of utilization, etc., they will take precedence over the modeling guide. Please proceed while communicating with the BIM Coordinator.
“BIM Coordinator” in the modeling guide refers to the person responsible for information management. At Obayashi Corporation, we will carry out practical work related to the creation of BIM models (creation instructions, schedule and quality control management, etc.). The Modeling Guide is a document created for internal use. Please note that some terms and file storage locations are for internal use only.
Naming rules, input rules, how to use parameters, etc. are described for each category.


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