OBAYASHI - Smart BIM Standard


System Families

The type name of the system family changes according to the progress of the project. (e.g. Initial simple name → Add material and performance information) We have maintained of the final type naming rule and an example of the type name. System Families

Component Families

Standard component families required for modeling are published in the library. The public family is maintained with the aim of unifying parameters, facilitating the creation of variations, reducing human error, and data ecology. Component Families

Folder Composition

Component families are organized into folders by category.
Folder Name Number of Public Information
ob_01 構造体/Structure ** (Coming Soon)
ob_02a 窓/Windows 33
ob_02b ドア/Doors 87
ob_02c シャッター_ドアカテゴリ/Shutter_DoorCategory 11
ob_02d 防煙垂れ壁_ドアカテゴリ/Smokebarrier_DoorCategory 3
ob_03 カーテンウォール/Curtain Walls 10
ob_04 手すり/Railings
ob_05 一般モデル/Generic Models
ob_06a 家具/Furniture
ob_06b 家具システム/Furniture Systems
ob_06c 造作工事/Casework
ob_07a 衛生器具/Plumbing Fixtures
ob_07b スプリンクラ/Sprinklers
ob_08a 電気器具/Electrical Fixtures
ob_08b 電気設備/Electrical Equipment
ob_08c 照明器具/Lighting Fixtures
ob_09a 特殊設備/Specialty Equipment
ob_09b 機械設備/Mechanical Equipment
ob_10a 外構/Site
ob_10b 植栽/Planting
ob_10c 駐車場/Parking
ob_10d 点景/Entourage
ob_11 工事/Construction
ob_50 詳細項目/Detail Items
ob_51a タグ/Tags 14 Public only for Windows and Doors
ob_51b 一般注釈/Generic Annotations
ob_52 図面枠/Title Blocks
ob_53 プロファイル/Profiles


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