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To Use the Content Posted On Arch-LOG

■ How to search for SBS content ・For data related to SBS, select “SBS” from “Select manufacturer”. You can easily select it by entering “SBS” in the text box for narrowing down by manufacturer name. ・Thin finishes such as painting are not included in multiple layers and are expressed by type name and material.
Search target Search keyword example
List Of SBS Materials (Documents) Document
Family List Revit Family
Window Family Window
Door Family Door
Curtain Panel Curtain Panel
ob Template Template
Each Document [Document Name]
■ Downloading each data

First, create an Arch-LOG account. (free)

Click here to create an account

② Create a project by clicking the “Project” button on the upper right and clicking “Create a new project”.

③ Select the content you want to use and click “Add to Project”.

[For documents/templates] *Other than Revit family

④ Select the content added to the project on the website and click the document name from “Link” on the enlarged screen to download it.

[For Revit family]

* Revit plug-in is required to download the family.

④ Download and install Revit’s “Arch-LOG Plugin” from the plugin page (you can select it from the gear icon in the upper right after logging in). * Rendering plug-in is not used. Launch Revit and check if “Arch-LOG” is added to the ribbon menu.

⑤ Select “BIM Download” from the “Arch-LOG” tab of Revit.

⑥ “Arch-LOG Browser” will start up, so select the project.

⑦ Selecting a family will enlarge it on the right side, so click the “Download button” to download it to Revit.

 You can also download multiple files at once by using multiple selection and batch selection. ⑧ Families downloaded from Arch-LOG are prefixed with the manufacturer name (SBS).

*For details on how to use Arch-LOG, see here.

How to use Arch-LOG

・Please refer to “Arch-LOG_UsersManual” for how to use the Arch-LOG site.

・Please refer to “Arch-LOG_UsersManual-IIAdd-in_forRevit” for how to use the Revit add-on tool.

What is Arch-LOG?

A comprehensive search platform for building materials provided by Marubeni Arclog Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Ryo Mikawa). Just by entering a search word, you can find the building materials you need from all kinds of building materials, and at the same time you can select products by cross-sectionally comparing multiple manufacturers’ products on your PC. In addition, it has various functions such as sample material request, material board creation, BIM download and cloud rendering, and is the only solution that promotes digital transformation in the construction industry and solves the problems of all users. About Arch-LOG